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FAA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC)
Better than new plane performance, at less than a new plane price.

STC's have always been a popular means to upgrade an aircraft to higher performance levels, as well as increasing aircraft value without purchasing an entirely new aircraft.

The average age of the approximately 250,000 single and light twin-engine aircraft around the world is thirty years. These conversions allow aircraft owners to upgrade their existing engine and propeller, adding value, performance, and efficiency to their aircraft.

John Jewell Aircraft, Inc. located in Holly Springs, Mississippi is proud to offer engine and prop performance upgrades for the Cessna 182 H-R series aircraft. JJA is pleased to provide these STC options with their existing product lines.

John Jewell

John Jewell Aircraft, Inc offers engine and propeller upgrades, along with a 3-blade prop-only option for the C182 H-R series aircraft as described.

As an FAA Certified Repair Station we provide annual/hourly inspections and maintenance. At the Holly Springs, Mississippi, USA facility, JJA provides installation of its entire STC product line , as well as shipment of the C182-252 FBO kits for installation worldwide.

We offer quality engine overhauls and rebuilds, in addition to being a distributor for Teledyne Continental Motors for over 25 years.

John Jewell Aircraft, Inc. has been serving the Aviation Industry since 1966.

C182 - 252 Conversion

This conversion allows upgrade to a 047OU (2000 hour TBO) along with a 252hp @ 2625 rpm conversion. Prop option available: McCauley 2-blade 204. Note: 1977 and newer C182 models were factory equipped with 047OU and McCauley 204 prop, therefore existing equipment may be used.

For upgrade using the 2-blade 204 propeller, installation consists of changing carburetor, tachometer, balance tube and propeller governor. For upgrade using the 3-blade Scimitar propeller, the engine mount is replaced with a "heavy duty" engine mount requiring minor firewall modification, in addition to changing the carburetor, tachometer, balance tube and propeller governor. Some early model aircraft (1964 and below) may require replacement items such as exhaust, baffling, carburetor shroud, additional engine mount hardware, etc. as well as extra labor. Labor for the STC installation is approximately 10 to 20 hours (depending on 2 or 3 blade installations) in addition to normal engine R & R for most models.

047OU (252hp @ 2625rpm) 2-Blade Propeller
047OU (252hp @ 2625rpm) 3-Blade Propeller

Performance Benefits
  • 2000 TBO
  • Available 252 hp @ 2625 rpm
  • Maximum horsepower achieved without expense of fuel injection modification
  • 300 - 400 fpm increase in rate of climb
  • 8 - 10 mph increase in cruise, at gross weight
  • Approximately 1 gph decrease in average fuel consumption
  • Most economical cost-to-value C182 Performance Upgrade
  • Decrease in operation costs over original 230 hp engine
  • True airspeeds in excess of 135 mph!
Fuel Injected
C182 - 285 / 300 Conversion

These conversions allow replacement of the existing O-470 series engine to a 1700-hour TBO IO-520 or IO-550 engine with your choice of three propeller options. Your Cessna 182 is modified to accommodate a fuel-injected engine, as well as a New STC Heavy-Duty engine mount. This Heavy-Duty STC'd engine mount minimizes vibration by incorporating thicker tubes, provides additional support for the engine with the provision for larger vibration isolators installed in the two aft positions, as well as strengthening the firewall with the extra tubing.

Performance Benefits
  • 1700 TBO engine
  • Available 285 hp - 300 hp @ 2700 rpm
  • 55 hp - 70 hp BETTER performance than Brand New C182's
  • Take-off roll less than 600 feet!
  • 20+ mph increase in cruise, at gross weight
  • True airspeeds in excess of 180 mph!
  • 1500+ fpm climb
  • Carburetor ice eliminated
  • VAR crankshaft with Factory Engine
  • 7th Stud Crankcase with Factory Engine
  • New Hartzell Scimitar 3-Blade Prop
  • NEW Heavy STC Engine Mount, to minimize engine / prp vibration
  • Minimal increase in fuel consumption
  • Fuel Injection allows for even fuel distribution
  • Tuned Fuel Injection Nozzles provide better cooling through controlled fuel / air ratio (IO550 option)

Customer Reviews

Carbureted 252

I'm very pleased with the conversion. The takeoff and climb performance have been greatly improved, bordering on phenomenal. It just wants to jumpoff the ground. There is some improvement in cruise performance but Ihaven't had it long enough to evaluate totally. It seems I can get the same speed with a slightly lower power setting which gives a lower fuel burn.

The conversion is basically invisible with the exception of the new tachometer.

William Binford
Anderson, SC

Fuel Injected 300

My partner and I feel that the Bonaire stc conversion kit to I0-550 on Cessna 182 is excellent. It's a performer airplane on wheel and float.

Yvon Roy
Marcel Roy
Barraute, Que.