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FAA Supplemental Type Certificates (STC)
Better than new plane performance, at less than a new plane price.

STC's have always been a popular means to upgrade an aircraft to higher performance levels, as well as increasing aircraft value without purchasing an entirely new aircraft.

We supply a T210-300 De-Turbo Conversion.

The average age of the approximately 250,000 single and light twin-engine aircraft around the world is thirty years. These conversions allow aircraft owners to upgrade their existing engine and propeller, adding value, performance, and efficiency to their aircraft.

John Jewell Aircraft, Inc. located in Holly Springs, Mississippi is proud to offer engine and prop performance upgrades for the Cessna 210 K-N series aircraft. JJA is pleased to provide these STC options with their existing product lines. John Jewell Aircraft, Inc. has been serving the Aviation Industry since 1966.

We offer quality engine overhauls and rebuilds, in addition to being a distributor for Teledyne Continental Motors for over 25 years.

As an FAA Certified Repair Station we provide annual/hourly inspections and maintenance. At the Holly Springs, Mississippi, USA facility, JJA provides installation of its entire STC product line , as well as shipment of the C210-300 FBO kits for installation worldwide.

John Jewell Aircraft, Inc offers engine and propeller upgrades, along with a 3-blade prop-only option for the C210 K-N aircraft as described.

This upgrade allows replacement of the existing propeller to a 3-blade Hartzell "Scimitar" (7691) prop or Hartzell 80 inch "Top Prop" (8468) using your existing IO-520 L engine. The Scimitar propeller can be used with an IO-550 Engine conversion at a later time with a low pitch blade angle adjustment.

This STC installation allows upgrade from the IO-520 L engine (300 hp @ 2850 rpm takeoff/285 hp @ 2700 rpm continuous) to an IO550 L (300hp @ 2700rpm continuous) and 3 blade Hartzell or McCauley options.

82" 8068 Hartzell Scimitar prop STC for Existing C210, C206, C207, T210, T206 applications.

Performance Benefits

  • Available 300hp Continuous @ 2700 rpm
  • Up to 20% increase in rate of climb
  • 10% increase in cruise, at gross weight
  • True airspeeds in excess of 200 mph!
  • 1700 TBO opposed to current 1400 TBO
  • More economical performance than TSIO520 engine
    up to 9,000 - 10,000 ft.
  • Up to 5+ gph decrease in fuel at cruise
  • Removal of turbo system & maintenance expenses associated
  • New exhaust, including risers, tail pipes, mufflers & shroud
  • No exhaust A.D.

Customer Reviews

We cannot say enough good things about the “Bonaire-550” Conversion. My partner and I recently took a coast-to-coast trip in our 210. We crossed the Rockies and Sierra Nevada Mountains at over 14,000 MSL and the “Bonaire-550” still had pep.

Garry Floeter
Skyhawk Leasing